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Everything has a beginning.

January 31, 2013

We’ll soon be “on the road.” Our Sprinter has arrived in Texas and Sportsmobile, in Austin, will be through with the modifications around March 22. We’ll take a break-in trip to Big Bend and then wander back to Georgia. It has taken a huge amount of research and a leap of faith to spend the money and commit to this company, but I trust them.

We plan a trip to Nova Scotia later in the year with Franca’s mom. That’s after a few small trips to make sure we always know what we’re doing. Presumptuous, huh?

So this ongoing narrative is going to be about trip experiences, where we stay, what we think about facilities, how the Sprinter performs, travel tips as we discover them and birds, lots about birds.

Speaking of birds…

We’ve had about 45-75 Red-winged Blackbirds at the backyard feeders for about 3 weeks. They’ve gone through 100 pounds of black sunflower seeds and 8 suet blocks. They’re accompanied at times by Common Grackles, Mourning Doves, Northern Cardinals, Wrens, the usual suspects. It’s been interesting to watch the squabbling and frenzy. I’m always amazed at the White-breatsed Nuthatches, they never seem intimidated or to even notice the other birds much.

March 7 we’ll be headed down to Costa Rica for 9 days on a birding trip. We went to Nicaragua a couple of years ago, not on a dedicated birding trip, mostly to see how shade grown coffee is farmed. This time we are on a trip with seasoned birders and a great guide. It’ll be the first of many trips to Costa Rica I hope. This time to Arenal, Caño Negro and Tenorio.


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