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Time Passes…

February 6, 2013

If you could stand at the same spot, a position of some altitude and horizon, and watch all about you as time lapsed, everything would be moving. It’s impossible to see it happening in “real time” not to mention that everything is also operating through time in its own scale. An ant may be really motoring down the fence but with slow steps for a human you can walk off and leave it far behind. The ant would never know you were there anyhow. Makes you wonder what we may be missing… The earth’s plates are grinding away, somewhere a sheep bot fly is cruising at speed, as fast as anything that moves and, for those of us in this hemisphere, the stars rotate around Polaris, seen as concentric circles but only through photographic images designed to distribute light over time. We get used to it, mostly within a range of visual cues that have events attached, like fireworks.

We’re waiting; waiting for warmer weather, waiting for a trip to commence, for the adventure, a gaining of experience and knowledge, waiting to have an opportunity to satisfy certain requirements for another event… all connected in a “plan.” Already for the coming season there are events all around. I see today we have half a dozen Daffodils blooming. We’ve had Hyacinths already and, on and off, the Forsythia has ventured a few blooms, not the profusion spring will bring, but promise. The Chipmunks are more in evidence.

The annual bird migration is nearly upon us too. As a child I thought of migration as all birds south of where I lived suddenly flying north, stopping off at places they remembered, raising a few chicks, waiting until school started for me and then flying south again. They all did it, exactly like that.  At this age, along with learning how few things in nature are anywhere near that predictable comes the knowledge that bird migration is a never ending study made more difficult by the changes in our climate and habitats around the world. I know we’ll enjoy the appearance of the birds as they come back and hope they fare well as the planet warms. They must adapt or perish.

We leave for Costa Rica a month from tomorrow. Ready in my mind but with some work to do to accommodate reality. Waiting…


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