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150 Pounds Later…

February 23, 2013

For most of the month of February we’ve had from 20 to 75 Red-winged Blackbirds at the feeders in the backyard at 712. Mixed in, a few Downy woodpeckers, Brown-headed Cowbirds, Northern Cardinals, Carolina Wrens… the usual suspects. Collectively they’ve gone through 150 pounds of black sunflower seeds. As the weather warms I’m filling the feeders a bit less and less frequently, but keeping the suet current. So, they eat all the suet. So beautiful, so hungry.

We’ve received all the notifications about the Sprinter; price, accessories, dates and cost. It’ll actually be ready March 6 but we leave March 7 for Costa Rica. We’ll stick to our original schedule and pick it up on March 22. I spent 2 days organizing the trip to Texas. The internet makes putting a trip together possible in a short time. Emails, a few telephone calls, a ready map and, most importantly, reviews of campsites and locations along the road we want to travel turn one into a mini travel agency.

After a while you can “read between the lines” on reviews. Sometimes someone has a suspect bone to pick and the people running a park suffer. If you have 15 reviews and 1 of them condemns the park manager and the rest praise them… the review is about an individual camper, not about the park. But, when there are 15 reviews and they all say, “Dirty bathrooms, muddy drive-thrus and the manager is an %#*@#!&&,” I pay attention. It’ll be interesting to see what the actual experience is like and whether or not the reviews are any help at all.

1. March 22 — Atlanta to Austin – Southwest Air
2. March 22 — Austin to Del Rio – Broke Mill RV Park
3. March 23 — Del Rio to Big Bend – Stillwell Store RV Park
4. March 28 — Big Bend to Abilene – Abilene RV Park
5. March 29 — Abilene to Ft. Worth – Treetops Carefree RV Resort C
6. March 30 — Ft. Worth – Shreveport – Tall Pines RV Park
7. March 31 — Shreveport LA – Greenwood MS
Get to see my aunt Helen Tucker Allen and her family in Greenwood!
8. April 3 — Greenwood MS – Atlanta GA

Next post from Costa Rica, couple of days in. Can’t wait!


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