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Big Bend Followup & Next

April 25, 2013

There are a few new things going on. We have the RV at the house readying it for a trip to the Broxton Rocks.

Before I go on to that here are a few photographs from Big Bend. If ever there was a place where photography fails…

Now, Broxton Rocks.

The Nature Conservancy posted through GABO (Georgia Birding Online) a trip to Broxton Rocks this coming Saturday, April 27, 2013. Seemed like a good short trip to use the RV and get out of the city. So I signed us up and begin to look around for information about this place. Turns out it is really interesting, a bit of ante-bellum history, a natural anomaly and a unique place in the coastal plain of Georgia.

There is a layer of rock beneath the coastal plain of the southeast US called, among other names, the Altamaha Grit. It is only exposed to be seen in a few places one of which is the Broxton Rocks near Broxton, Georgia in Coffee county. A small creek, Rocky creek, runs through the area to the Ocmulgee river a short distance before the Ocmulgee runs into the Altamaha. Over the years, because the layer is exposed, the creek has eroded the rock to form canyons and waterfalls and provided places for many plants not found anywhere else near there to grow. It has become a focus for the Nature Conservancy and the local county for preservation and study.

In addition to the nature angle there is archaeological evidence of early inhabitants of the area from pre-columbian to pre-civil war. We intend to find out more about this aspect of southern Georgia as well. We’ll be staying at General Coffee State Park and roaming around. On to the Broxton Rocks. Stay tuned.


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