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Milestones and Musings

August 11, 2014

Today Franca and I are married 36 years. Seems to have passed by in a flash but perusing the memories takes a while so I guess the flash of time is an illusion. What is not an illusion is the wonderful journey it is being. I got really lucky and have been able to spend this time with my best friend and a beautiful, talented person.

I’m in the throes of changing servers, hosting, etc. in order to better accommodate the power of WordPress for both of us. I would never have attempted this a few years ago but we need the best approach we can get to showing our work and it seems doable, even fun. Stay tuned and expect a few rocky moments.

I’m photographing in a mode I call Walk Around; shadows, odd juxtapositions, colorful patterns. I’ll pass on a few.

And another one…


We’re also getting ready for Franca to have a show this fall. Details when they are worked out. I’m going to enter the Swan Coach House Gallery “Small” show this fall. I’ll drop the four pieces in here.

Ever onward.


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